New York native Nina Runsdorf launched her first collection in 2005, but she designed her first jewelry line at the age of 12, in her mother’s upstate farm kitchen. Since then she has gone on to forge a reputation that counts her as one of the finest jewelry designers in the industry.

With an early career in fashion, Runsdorf reconnected with her passion with jewelry after getting married and giving birth to her two daughters. Going on to work for her father-in-law, at Runsdorf Associates, she got her GIA certification and learned the business there over six years.

Runsdorf’s taste are steeped in art and strongly influenced by fashion and her love of color. It was on a trip to India back in 2009 that she discovered extraordinary diamond slices in incredible shades. Inspired by the diamond slices, she introduced burst of colors in her spirited pieces. Wanting to bring a sense of joy and ease with her designs, Runsdorf considers her brand more lifestyle than just fine jewelry.