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innika choo

Innika Choo started with heavily embroidered smocks and has since expanded into accessories (think basket bags adorned with pom poms and suede leather mules and sandals). Based in Bali, Australia native Innika Choo dreams up floaty, carefree pieces perfectly suited to the bohemian paradise she now calls home. Finished with embroidery, smocking, and frills, the vacation-ready collection is a mix of airy breeziness and artful nostalgia.

“These are the kind of garments that hide all evil. Think billowing folds of natural cottons and linens, enough neckline, huge volume in your sleeves, hand detailed shoulders, and that gorgeous face of yours,” says Choo. “You might not know what year it is or if your kids have swimming lessons today or if they are wearing shoes and undies… but your linen masterpiece will sing songs about your ability to dress well when attempting parenting, when all you really did was put it on.”

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