Bija Essence is a Boston-based beauty line found by Evelyn Gutierrez Subramaniam, who grew up in Mexico and later traveled the globe as a model and broadcaster. As a child Evelyn often watched the women of her family concoct plan-based potions used to soothe and heal. After she married and became a mother, she added her in-laws’ Southern Indian secrets to her arsenal. The line includes four therapeutic body oils packed with herbs and devoid of toxins. The luxurious elixirs, named Revive, Rise, Rejoice, and Rest, target stiff muscles and busy brains, among other mind and body ailments.

Greet the world supported by an immune-boosting and mood- enhancing blend of organic lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, geranium, orange, and patchouli essential oils infused into an elixir of anti-aging and antioxidant-rich apricot, grapeseed, jojoba, organic coconut, pomegranate and rosehip seed oils and tocopherol (natural vitamin E).