Fifteen years ago, Nicolas Caito happened upon Herve Pierre when their paths crossed at Bill Blass, New York for the first time.  This began their enduring collaboration for 3 years. Their fashion backgrounds at Couture houses made collaboration easy; the partnership became organic, based on the shared values that make high-end fashion what it is supposed to be.
In early September 2017, Caito drummed up the idea of creating a capsule collection - the novelty behind the label Atelier Caito for Herve Pierre was actually simple.
Both Caito and Herve Pierre leveraged the natural relationship between the designer and the pattern maker, knowing this connection is the key ingredient to making the perfect dress…
Conjugation of design and technique can only lead to something unique and new in that it galvanizes the creative process.
Craftsmanship, construction, and choice of fabric define fine womenswear and ultimately, give that special “feeling” when a couture client steps in.  This is what Herve Pierre and Nicolas had in mind when they created their edited collection. All too much of the time, it’s all about the designer but, in Couture, womenswear is the fruit of cross-team craftsmanship – from start to finish.
An original design, the atelier, the canvas, and even the sawing lady et al… each step is fundamental to the DNA of Atelier Caito for Herve Pierre and is what makes it special.